Lineage (Meggie)


It’s all been so busy, these last couple of months:

Have you got the priest sorted? What about an organist? Will the bridesmaids be wearing dresses that match the flowers?

That’s my grandmother. I don’t say I blame her, because those are some of the questions that have been buzzing around my own mind too. At least, I can put it to rest, knowing that Aidan will have managed to get it all sorted. After all, as a Catholic, he knows a fair number of priests from his college days.

After returning to the underworld (by causing her own death via car crash) on my sixteenth birthday, to announce to me that it was time to pick up the ‘reigns of evil’  (so to speak), my birth mother permanently disappeared from the Earth. I don’t know whether it was to keep an eye on me from her ‘domain’, or just so she would be exempt from the task of being a mother. I would have been fine living on my own, but once my father had heard of my mother’s ‘death’, he had demanded that I live with him until I had finished school… And, no matter how much I resisted, I had to agree because of the pressure he would exert on me.

You must finish your schoolwork, your GCSEs and A-Levels. You must have decent living arrangements… etc.

So yeah, those are my parents for you: pushy and plain evil.

It turns out that my mother’s parents died when she was young too, but that my father’s mother is still around to tell me how to run my own wedding. And since when do bridesmaids’ dresses have to match the flowers? Bleurg.

As far as I know, my family has always been a simple one, but that does not mean, in my opinion, that the little connection I have can tell me how to work. I certainly hope that Aidan’s family aren’t as bad or bossy as mine can be.

Well, one thing’s to be certain, even if my wedding is ruined by interfering people whom I’ve hardly met, and the bad luck I’ve had since 16 hits again, well, at least my mother won’t be there to see it. That is… unless she can’t see everything from Hell. Kind of like a reverse God.

It makes me think, does Lucifer actually exist?, or is it my mother ruling everything. She never did explain what we do. She just said, You’ll figure it out, and never saw me again. Very confusing…

I only hope that the bad lineage on my mother’s side won’t drag down my children’s future too.

The End

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