Finally! I mean, how long does it take for a grown man to find his ‘soul-mate’? Though, I suppose Aidan will have his reasons for waiting.

I thought he had found ‘the one’ when he started dating his best friend’s sister, but I know she was very demanding, which lead to their break-up.

When I met my husband, Michael, on a ferry to Paris (well, Paris via Calais), I knew it was ‘meant to be’, but I’m rambling now…Whenever I think back to my wedding, the happiest day of my life, blissful nostalgia sets in. Yes, I have four beautiful children, but I also have a 42-year-old’s overly stressful life!

Anyway, what I’m actually saying is: I hope my brother doesn’t end up with another failed relationship behind him.

I know Meggan can make him happy, but there’s gonna be a lot of comments around their relationship, especially since Meggan is about to release her second stunning album. In all rights, she’s a minor celebrity.

Of course, he got fired for staying with her when she collapsed on the pilgrimage they were supposed to be going on, not because of anything that might have been going on…I hope. I trust my younger brother but he can be read like a book, and I knew something was going on as soon as they returned from that trip. And, if I’m curious about how long the relationship has been going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if the newspapers aren’t starting to pick it up.

After all, Meg used to be his student.

The End

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