Well it took me long enough, but I can’t believe I’m finally ‘tying the knot’. I was worried I would never start a family, but I suppose there are people worse-off then an unmarried 38-year-old.

I don’t understand what it is that draws me to Meggie; it’s like something is calling us to be together. I don’t doubt that she is one of the select few the Lord has chosen to be my partner until we die.

The thing is: I fear that Meggie is rather a bad influence on me. I’ve lied for her, I’ve broken promises for her, and I’ve done things I probably shouldn’t have. All because of one Meggan Greene.

I’ve always believed that I could help her, that I could save her, even before I was told that impossibly dreadful news… But I ignore it; Meggie and I pretend the events of those months on the bus never happened.

Yes, I lost my job, on account of not following my ‘superior’s’ commands, but it was a turn for the better, as I then got another teaching job closer to my hometown, and my sister’s house. It may have been an ‘unfair firing’ but it brought my sister and I a lot closer, since I thought that she would never forgive me…

It also meant I could keep my girlfriend legally. Meggie and I kept it quiet though. We announced the wedding a few months back and, to a lot of the World, it was shock news.

But nothing can stand in the way of true love, can it?

Not even Demonism?


The End

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