My Sister-In-Law is The Devil

It's 5 years on from The Protagonize Bus, and Meggie and Aidan are getting married. What his family doesn't know, though, is that he might just be 'hooking up' with The Devil.



The word seems so shining (or ‘sigalowenta’ as I was taught in my A-level Greek course), just like the word ‘Vegas’ had seemed to me five years ago. They have their similarities: joy, excitement, the biggest win, but the also have their very big differences:

Faith, a life-long commitment, trust and hope in marriage, not a downward spiral of loss…at least I hope not.

But Aidan wouldn’t do that to me, would he?

He wouldn’t cause me pain… After all, he stayed even when I told him my biggest secret; the secret that I keep even from myself most times because it hurts so much.

Aidan is so holy, so kind and so special to me; there is nothing I wouldn’t do to save him from my shadow. I’d even give up my title if I could…In fact, I’d happily give it up.

But, now I’m getting married, and I suppose I’ll have bigger responsibilities soon…children and all that. I just hope they won’t be punished for who I am.

You see, the thing is: I’m in line to be the next Devil.

The End

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