Dinner and a SurpriseMature

     At 5:30 my mom came home and I was sitting in my favorite chair in the living room reading my book again. This was a typical Friday for me, we since that night last year anyway. “Hi, honey!” said my mom a little too enthusiastically. “Hey.” I mumbled, not taking my eyes away from my book. She came in and sat on the couch across the room from me. “How was school?” she asked. “Fine.” I mumbled back. “Well that’s good. I’m kinda hungry, how about we go to dinner?” I looked up from my book. My mom and I used to go to dinner a lot. My dad died when I was 7, which was when we started going to dinner once a week together. That had stopped a few years ago when I was 12. I spent all of my time with Hannah and we just didn’t do the dinner thing anymore. Then I realized that I had just been staring at my mom for the last minute or two. I nodded, not exactly knowing what to say. “Good, we’ll leave in twenty minutes.”

     About 30 minutes later we were being seated at Mikes Bar-B-Q. After we ordered our dinner my mom took a sip of her tea and cleared her throat. She always does that before she tells me something important. “Jenna, uh something happened and I want to know how you feel about it.” She said. I nodded so that she knew I was listening. “Well then, uh honey, Eric, well I mean Mr. Daley, has asked me to marry him.” She paused. “And I said yes.” She stuttered. I just sat there staring at her. My mom was going to marry Mr. Daley? I took a deep calming breath so I would calm down. I looked down at my plate. Well they had been secretly dating since the beginning of the school year. I looked back at my moms glowing face. “Uh, well that’s wonderful mom!” I couldn’t tell her the truth, she deserved to be happy. She’s been alone for a long time; it’s about time she got married.  “Oh good, we are going to be a wonderful happy family!” My mom smiled at me. I smiled back at her hoping she wouldn’t see that I was actually dreading becoming a family with David.

     My mom chattered all through dinner and desert about how Mr. Daley had taken her to lunch and purposed. I sat and watched as my mom took the last bite of her dessert. I looked behind my mom at the door as it opened and David, Chad, Mark, and Luke walked in with Hannah and three other girls.  My heat dropped and I ducked behind my mom before they could see me. As I quickly scooted out of my chair I mumbled to my mom, “I gotta go to the bathroom.” I scuttled across the restaurant and shoved open the bathroom door. I went over to the sink and gripped it with my hands. My knuckles turned white and I let go. I checked myself in the mirror and pushed my hair out of my face. My face was ghostly white. I didn’t want to be scared, I wanted to walk right up to Him and tell him that he was a worthless piece of trash, but of course I never would be able to. I did my calming ritual, taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out. Before I could try to stop myself, I spun around and walked through the door back into the dinning area of the restaurant.

     “Oh! There she is, I was just talking to David about the good news.” My mom exclaimed as I walked up. David looked up and smiled at me. “Ya my dad just told me this afternoon. Looks like you’re my new sis, huh.” My stomach did awful flips when he said sis. “Aw, isn’t that sweet of you David!” Of course she didn’t recognize the fact that he was taunting me. I smiled at them, well a fake smile anyway. “Well I better catch up with my friends. See you two very soon.” He gave me one last dangerous grin and walked away. “Are you ready to go now honey?” My mom asked. I nodded, but I was also watching the way Chad was looking at me. There was a message in his eyes, like he was telling me that what had happened wasn’t over yet. He was right, it would never end.

     We got in the car and mom pulled out of the parking lot. I looked over at my mom. Well I would have to tell her anyways, I told myself. “Mom?” I asked, hoping to not have to say too much. “Ya honey?” I looked out the window and then back at her. “Jake asked if I could go to his house for family game night tomorrow. I said yes so can I go?” I watched my mom; she didn’t take her eyes off of the road once. “Who is Jake?” My mom asked. Well of course I hadn’t talked about him before, since I really don’t talk about anything. “U do all of my labs with him in bio.” I said quickly. “I guess its ok with me then, just don’t be home too late and call if you need anything.” She was actually smiling. Now the only hard part is getting through tomorrow night, joy.

The End

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