That night I had a nightmare. I was back at the party again. I was reliving what had happened, what had changed everything. We were dancing together. He pulled me against his body. I fit perfectly. He whispered in my ear, but I had drunk too much to decipher what he was saying. His arms were around my waist and his hands slid down to my butt. I knew I should tell him to stop, but I liked it. I decided I would tell him in a minute, but first I would enjoy it a little longer. His hands tightened and squeezed my butt. I looked up at him and was about to tell him to loosen up on his grip, but he kissed me and kept holding me as tight as before. He grinned at me. His grin worked like poison, making me smile. Then he began kissing my neck. I started to panic. I was dizzy and I felt like I was falling through thin air.

     Then I woke up. I was in my bed and I was all sweaty. My alarm was going off. I turned if off and took a deep, calming breath. I decided to take a shower. I always feel better when I’ve taken a shower after one of those nightmares. It makes me feel clean, like maybe it didn’t happen. But I know it did.

     I got to the bus stop on time, as always. My old best friend, Hannah, was already there. We weren’t friends anymore because of David; Hannah and I had been friends with David. She had had a crush on him and after It had happened he asked her out. I told her it was a bad idea and that I didn’t want to be around him. Then we stopped talking because she thought I was jealous. That was at the end of 9th grade, it is now the beginning of December now and we are in 10th grade. Hannah and David are still together. She looked like she wanted to talk so I nodded to her. If I didn’t have to talk, then I kept my mouth shut. Everything was easier that way. Hannah nodded back and looked away as the bus pulled up.

     When we got to school I went to my locker. I was grabbing all of my books when David came up behind me and said “I had fun last night.” Chills went up my spine and my books dropped from my hands. He grinned and walked away. I watched him leave until he turned the corner. My heart was back and forth between stopping and beating a hundred miles per hour. I picked my books up slowly while my heart calmed and I got to Bio late.

     Mrs. Martin gave me her death look as I sat down. We had to get partners to do our lab for the day. As I always did I automatically partnered up with Jake. Jake is a nice guy and looks cute. He has dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. For some reason at the beginning of the year when we did our first lab he asked to be partners. He asked again every time we did a lab and after a while he didn’t have to ask, I just automatically walked over to him. We did our lab in silence, like always. We were the first to finish. I opened my notebook and started to draw. I’m not an artist and I don’t take art but I like to draw sometimes. It takes my mind off of what’s bothering me. “So, you want to go to the movies tonight?” Jake asked. It was the same question he asked me every Friday since the beginning of the year. He got the same answer that I always gave him. “Uh, no i'm busy.” He nodded and looked out the window. I always hated when he would ask me that question. I can’t understand why he won’t give up. The bell rang and I rushed to pack my bag. Someone lightly touched my arm and I jumped.

     “Why won’t you give me a chance? What am I doing wrong?” Jake asked. I blinked. I really did feel bad, he did try really hard. “Listen, tomorrow my family is having family game night. Would you please come?” he practically begged. Well we wouldn’t be alone. I don’t think he would try anything in front of his family. “Okay.” I whispered. He blinked like he couldn’t believe it and then a huge smile spread across his face. “Oh! Uh, ok! Well then ill pick you up at 5. Thanks Jenna, so much!” I nodded and he dashed out the door.

     At lunch I sat alone, as usual. I liked it that was. I was reading a book and eating the tuna sandwich I had made this morning before school. I think it’s nice that stories usually end happy like a fairy tale when in real life, it’s a little different. At first things are good but then eventually it all turns bad. I looked up from my book and HE walked past my table, giving me a terrifying grin as he walked to another table to join the jocks. I shivered and went back to my book. The rest of the day went by in a fast blur.

The End

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