My SilenceMature

Jenna has a secret to tell, but will she find a way to trust someone enough to let them in?

     Mr. Daley slowly opened the door and I tentatively walked inside his house. There stood my English teacher grinning at me while I was wishing I was somebody, anybody, else. He pecked my mom on the check then led us to the dining room. In the dinning room we found David, Mr. Daley's son who is two years ahead of me in school, slouching in his seat. As we entered he looked up and glared at me. I'm sure he thinks that I'm ruining his night, but it's our parents’ faults that his night has been ruined. Then he began to grin. I knew what he was thinking about; he knew that I knew too. I could feel my stomach churn as I turned away.

     I didn't understand how on earth my mom could date my English teacher, but it's even worse because he's Davids' dad. There's no way I can think about David now though. I'm not even sure that I will last through dinner. My thoughts were then interrupted when Mr. Daley pulled chairs out for me and my mom. I could tell this was going to be a long dinner.

     I twisted my hands in my lap as Mr. Daley sat down and spoke softly to my mom. I couldn’t understand what he was saying; it was like another language to me. I looked up to see David still grinning at me and I could see the candle light sparkle dangerously in his eyes. He knew I wouldn’t tell anyone what happened, but I could still see the threat in his eyes. I felt waves of nausea wash over me.

     "Jenna, are you alright?" Asked Mr. Daley. "Fine. Um where's your bathroom?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "Down the hall, it's the second door on your right." He answered.

     I got up and walked down the hall without another word. "She's not as big of a talker as she used to be." I heard me mom comment as I left. That was true, ever since that night, I didn’t talk unless I had to. In the bathroom I washed my face. I looked out the window and saw a few raindrops fall. Soon it would begin to pour rain outside. I looked in the mirror and saw my tired and puppy dog like eyes looking back at me. I feel so numb. I didn’t have any feelings or emotions, or so I pretended. Everything that was important seems like nothing now. That's what happens when your life falls apart. No friends, not that I want any. I'd rather not have to talk. Bad grades, I don’t try anymore because I just don’t care anymore. And now my mom is dating Davids’ dad, my English teacher. I just stopped caring when I realized there is nothing to really care about.

     I ran my hand through my soft chocolate brown hair. It felt like the way He had had done it. I remember exactly how it happened. He was speaking softly in my ear. We were at a party. He was telling me how beautiful I was and that he couldn’t believe I didn’t have a boyfriend, while we danced. I remember he pulled me closer so I was tight against his body. I fit perfectly. "Bang!"

     The lights went out. I was back in the bathroom again. The lightening had caused a blackout. I could hear the wind blowing and the rain pounding on the roof. I felt the walls to try and find the door. I found the knob and opened the door. I jumped. David was standing in the doorway. I had almost run into him. My heart stopped and I almost began to hyperventilate.

     "My dad told me to come and make sure you were alright. You know cuz the power went out and all." My voice wasn’t working so I just nodded. He turned around and walked back to the dining room. I followed him, silently praying that my heart would slow down.

     Once we were back in the dining room the lights came back on and we finished dinner. I didn’t talk at all. After we had key lime pie for dessert I told my mom I wasn’t feeling good and we went home. As we pulled out of the drive way I looked up and saw David grinning at me through the window in his room.



The End

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