My shoe fell off!

Draco's shoe fell off! Draco is 12.

One day Draco was in potions classand everyone had to go up and stand with Professor. Snape  when Ron pulled Draco's shoe off! "WAAAAAAAAAH! My shoe fell off!" screamed Draco. Everyone laughed. Draco cried even more. He was so embarrased and upset that his shoe fell off while everyone was watching.

The next day it was a Quidditch match and Draco was flying round when suddenly his shoe fell off! "STOP! MY SHOE FELL OFF!" screamed Draco. Everyone laughed again. "Draco is so stupid, he gets upset when his shoe falls off!" laughed someone.

Draco had hoped people had forgotten about his shoe falling off two months ago. It was christmas now and Draco had to go up on stage and sing on his own. Draco got up on stage but he tripped and his shoe fell off! Draco ran off crying and cried all night. 

                                                                            THE END

The End

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