Chapter 5

Today, I decided that I am not talking to Hannah ever again because now she says that likes Austin!  She says that because she thinks that he likes her because she says that they are both on the same swim team.  He keeps trying to hold her hand and that he wants to put his arms around her.  She also said that they shared a Slurpee!  I think she found out somehow that I like Austin and that she made that story to annoy me.

Well,on the bright side,I will always have good friends who wouldn't do anything like that to me.  Like my friend,Nicole.  She knows that I like Austin and when Hannah told me that she likes him, I was upset and she whispered to me,

"She doesn't know that you like Austin."

I really didn't care whether she knew or not.  I am going to make sure that he does not like her back.  I will go to any extremes to make sure he doesn't like her back.  She will soon know not to mess with Summer Williams.  And if you do,well, then you must die.

My cousin gave me this diamond ring and I sometimes wish that Austin gave it to me.  I think that if he gave this ring to me,I would have been soo happy that I would probably faint.  If he did,and when he gave it to me he proposed (when we are older) then I would automatically say yes.  Then if he wanted to have kids, I would want one blue eyed chocolate brown hair little girl, but I know genetics don't work like that.  She would not have blue eyes because he has brown and I have blue, but you have to have two blues to have a blue eyed baby.  But she could have brown hair because we both have brown hair.

I will someday be victorious with Austin and when that day comes, you will all know......


The End

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