Chapter 4

There is a night dance for the seventh and eighth graders at our school and I just want Austin to ask me so badly to the dance.  My friends keep on bugging me about asking him to the dance but I am just too shy.  I also have a system:

1- I don't go to dances unless someone asks me to go.

2- If someone does ask me and I don't like them I say no.

3- If Austin asks me I automatically say yes!

Even my mom asks me is I am going to the dance and of course I say,

"I will go to the dance if Austin asks me to go."

But,of course, as being my mother she says,

"Well why don't you ask him?"

"Well, mom, you just don't go up to a guy and ask him if he wants to go to the dance with you.  Then if they say no, then I would be devistated, and I don't want to be devistated.  I want to keep it a secret that I like him."

"Okay then."

So I get home and did my homework.  Then I realized I really liked him.......... 

The End

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