Chapter 3

Today, I was in woodshop and my "LOVE" sign was falling apart and Austin came and helped me out.  As he was helping me, our hands touched!  I got so excited inside I didn't know what to do.

Now we were heading off to History together and I still had that feeling in my stomach where you just can't believe what had just happened.  I felt like we were really bonding.

Since history is so boring, all I could really do is just think about Austin.  Sometimes I day-dream about my future and who I'm going to live with.  So I day-dreamed about my future with Austin  and well, everything turns out okay.

Since history is my last period, I started to walk home thinking, "If only he knew I liked him."  I keep asking my-self that question thinking what would happen if he liked me.  If I found out  he liked me I would just not know how to act.  I would probably be so excited that my mom would have to get off of work early and pick me up and we would go partying.

The End

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