Chapter 2

Today in P.E, my friend did this game where you write a guys name on the palm of thier hand and the person can't look until they say so, and if you look at your palm you have to ask them out, so I told her,

"Hannah, I'm going to look at my palm but, I'm not going to ask him out."

So I looked, and it was this guy I didn't even know all that well.  His name was Even Peters.  I swaer I wanted to slap Hannah so hard, but I didn't because she's my friend and friends don't slap friends, and she doesn't know I like Austin.

In woodshop Austin made Angry Birds, and they were really good.  When we had to make a flower, I was hoping that he would give it ot me, but he didn't.  Were good friends but I want to be more than "good friends".  All of the popular girls like him, but they don't say it , but you can tell because of the way tehy flirt with him.  I think he likes all the attention from them though.  But I don't know if he likes me, and I want to know so badly.

My friends like to make fun of me because I like someone, but I bet they all like someone too.  I told my friend, Madison, but we had a deal that if I tell her who I like, then she has to tell me who she likes.  Then I told her.  Then I tell her to tell me who she likes and she said nobody.  But I don't believe her.  I think she likes someone but just isn't telling anyone yet, so I'll make her tell me if it's the last thing I do.

The End

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