My Secret Crush

There are people everywhere hiding secrets from one another.  Well my secret got out.  My name is Summer and I have a secret that I like a guy and I think he likes me, except when my cousin, Sadge, found out.  The guy I like, his name is Austin, brown hair, brown eyes and freckles all over.

Sadge keeps bugging me and saying that he is ugly and I just don't listen to her.  I mean she says whatever she wants without any concern for the people she is hurting.  Her dad gives her what she wants when she wants it, so I bet you can figure out how she acts.

Today at school we changed our electives and we are in the same elective at the same time!  I am so excited.  The elective is woodshop and I kind of like it but I kind of don't.  I mean who wants to be around sharp tools and machines I don't even know how to use?  We used to have computer class together but now that the trimester has ended we get woodshop.  I wanted cooking but I don't get to choose until the end of the year.

In history today I glanced over at him for one split second and BOOM he was looking at me!  But when I looked over he looked away.  So when I got home I got so excited I would not even do my homework until 5:00 pm.

When I told my mom what had happened she was happy for me because I have liked him for two years now, but I don't want to keep liking him if he doesn't even like me back because that would be stupid.  I'm not even sure sure if he has a phone so I could give him my phone number.

A couple days ago I told my friend that I like him and she has woodshop with me and Austin and now all she does is stare at me when I'm watching him make things.  I feel so uncomfortable and I kind of regret telling her because thats all she ever does  now whenever I'm around Austin.

The End

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