My Secret

My name is Victoria and I have a secret nobody knows about.  It all started when I wanted to climb up a mountain, because I liked to climb, but my mom wouldn't let me because she said it was "too dangerous".  So one day I skipped school just to go climb the mountain anyway because I always get what I want and I wasn't going to let my mom say no to me stop me. 

I climbed up the mountain and I accidently fell in a weird water-looking fluid.  Then all of a sudden it started to sparkle and I didn't know what to do so I sat ther scared to death, then it stopped sparkling and I got out and that afternoon, when school usually gets out, I got home and took a shower to get the mysterious liquid off my body.  Then something really weird happend to me, I fell and I had grown a TAIL!

Then my mom called me out into the living room and said that the school had called and said that I had not been at school today and she asked me what was going on with me.

"Well mom, I went to the mountain and I know it was wrong but.."

"You went to the mountain when I told you not to!"

"Yes i know it was wrong but I have something to show you."

Then I took my mom to the sink and I put my hand under the faucet and for ten seconds nothing happend but after ten seconds I fell to the ground(again) and there was my tail.

The End

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