Chapter One: Settling InMature

Once we had unpacked and settled in a little, Luna and I began to talk and get to know each other.  I learned she came from a small northern community up around where some of my friends had cottages; a large contrast from me and my city life back in the region's capital city.  Since she spent most of her life up north, my accounts of the city life fascinated her.  Even just exploring around the college town we lived in brought her immense curiosity.

"What's it like living up in the deep woods of the country?"  I asked eventually when her fascination over public transportation became so involved, she wanted to go back to Vacsatia with me to ride the trolleys, subways and L-trains all day.

"Well, it's kinda primitive compared to some aspects of city living.  We do have electricity and running water and all that but we do need certain extra things.  For example the water we use is untreated lake water so any water for injesting we need to treat or buy," she said with slight disdain on the last word.  I could understand why because many cottagers I knew always bought bottled or spring water to bring up.  They always sounded terribly uppity whenever they referred to the cottage as a 'summer home' or complained about having a septic system or non-conventional heating.

"I see," I said and sat back on my bed in interest.

"Probably the thing that sets the two lives apart mostly is that my family hunts its own food," she said absentmindedly as she fiddled around as if looking for something in one of her bags.

"Wait, you hunt your own food?  That's interesting," I said now rather curious at the prospect of a non-inhumane way of killing animals for meat, especially with being a vegetarian myself.

"Yup, my father's a hunter.  We do occasionally buy meat from the general store but usually we hunt for small and large game.  It's more ethical that way," she said looking up at me to inspect my curiosity.

"I agree.  Too bad you can't hunt here.  Sometimes it's just easier to go vegetarian."  I said as I met her gaze but saw it change from interest to disagreement.

"I couldn't do that because I wouldn't be able to tolerate it when I went home, and I kinda need to tolerate it of my dad's a hunter by trade," she said with a small laugh.

"Right, that's pretty essential then," I said chuckling with her until I noticed her search had ended, soon followed by an 'Aha!' as she pulled out a small toiletry bag and began to grapple inside it.  After a few moments, she pulled out four little perscription bottles and one big one and placed them on her nightstand.

"Lady cramps," she said quickly as she placed them there, "I get 'em real bad."

"Oh really?" I asked flinching slightly at the thought, "I'm sorry."

"No need to apologize," she said and tossed the empty bag into her closet at the end of her bed.  "it's just painful without them.  No need to worry; it's not deadly or contagious."

"Didn't think so," I said and curled up on the end of my bed at the thought of immense pain.  I pitied her for it but she seemed rather fine so I thought nor asked about the subject anymore.

The End

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