My Roommate's LunacyMature

Can you think of anytime when you shared your living space with someone?
Like a sleepover or even a roommate?

I can.

The year I left for university was my first time living with somebody new,
somebody that wasn't family or a visitor.

Her name was Luna.

On the move-in day to residence, I remember  carrying some boxes tight against my butterfly-ridden stomach up to my new living quarters.  The residence staff told me my roommate was already unpacking.
Sure enough, when I opened the door, I looked in to see a small, black haired girl taking trinkets out of a box and placing them on her desk.

"Hello," she said to me with a cheery voice.

"Hi," I said back, wishing I could be as assertive as she was.  "I'm Natasha."

"My name's Luna, good to meet you," she said with a bright smile.  But oh if I only knew what was behind that smile then.

This is the story of my Luny roommate Luna, and everything that went with her.

The End

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