I tried to hide......but was to late.

   "Lydia, come here right now!" I turned around slowly and sharply. My Aunt Morgan stood across from me, giving me her typical frown. Even though I saw it so often I was always frightened by it.

    "Yes Aunt Morgan?"

      "You do realize your age?"

       "Yes, why?"

        "Are you daft? You should be wed and with a child already!" Her lip stuck out a yard....she resembled a snapping turtle...and angry one.

      "Yes, I realize this Aunt Morgan, but I want to travel more first."

     "You have been traveling for two years! You even though your engagment to Mr. Smith away!"

      "I am aware-"

      "If you are not married in two months I will disown you and stop your wages...from my charity!" What!? How could she do this? She was the only family I had...this frightened me.

     "You are my only family and -"

    "Do not make excuses! If you don't leave now I will do it marriage or no! Now shoo!" Shoo is exactly what I did, no I fled to my bedroom, terrefied. I didn't want to get married...that ment children...children! Giving birth! :P I could only cry.

The End

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