My Roaring TewntiesMature

This story will go along as I write but it is basically about three young women in their twenties during the roaring twenties! (in London).

      I woke up just hours from when I went to sleep.

        "Ug..." I groaned, "why can't I sleep..."I looked besides me. Henry, laid there calmly. His handsome face showed no sign of fatigue. How? After going to the club all head was throbbing. I was getting tired of this party life. But it was the 1920's, life was a party...wasn't it?

    I laid back trying to fall asleep. Life was different before now...I felt old and tired all the time, but I was only twenty-two! Maybe it was going to all the parties. Mmmm, but I did like the excitment of different men every night and living the high life! I did miss my old self though, when I was young and women still wore long dresses with big hats and parisols. I was such a a creative and imaginative child. I couldn't go back to the idea of being an artist though, Henry would leave me, and I needed his money!

     Suddenly I felt Henry's hand run down my spine, mmmmmmm.........sleep well.

The End

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