My quotes.Mature

Its a quote written by myself.
...this quotes will surely change you....

1. "The Result of the way, which you had choosen can see in future". 2. "A war can make the world as a patient". 3. "Future is a mirror, where we can't see our image". 4. "The secret of this beautiful world is light". 5. "Ability is the thing to show off, no use for keeping it as a secret". 6. "Everyone in this world is famous, except those who had not improved their skill". 7. "A love can buy by selling mercy". 8. "Help is the only one thing, which can buy by selling it". 9. "A cry have no value of the things which we had lost". 10. "Make a touch with nature and reduce disaster". 11. "A dream can fly, but we can't fly. We want to run for it". 12. "The best way to promote a will is concentration". _Fathima sanna
The End

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