The Other Side

I awoke immediately knowing that something wasn’t right. Actually, a lot of things weren’t right. First, I was much too comfortable. I knew I was lying down on a soft, plush material that felt nice but unfamiliar. There was also a delicious scent in the air that soothed my body, which was rigid with fright. It was faint at first but grew stronger as I became more aware of my surroundings, and was very sweet and luscious smelling.

After waiting a few seconds to orient myself, I slowly opened my eyes. I was greeted by a bright wave of sunlight, which, after I blinked a few times from its brightness, I could see was flooding into the pastel colored room I was in, leaving everything with a cheery look that I found particularly hypocritical. Just saying.

A sound from behind me made me jump and then freeze, listening intently. I heard soft footsteps walk around to the side of the couch I now realized I was laid upon. Still looking straight ahead, my heart pounding, I didn’t know who it was. Looking up, I saw it was the boy again.

"Miss?" he said gently, kneeling down beside me. I blinked, surprised to see concern in his big brown eyes. "Oh, I see you’re awake. I got a little nervous when you passed out. That wasn’t really part of the plan." He chuckled awkwardly as I wondered what plan he was talking about. Oh, that’s right. The one where he put me in prison, and then kidnapped me again. Of course. After another moment of me staring at him, trying to figure him out, the boy stood up.

"Well," he said, "You must be hungry. I made some bread, if you’d like." He looked at me, pausing for a response. I just stared at him. I had no clue what expression was on my face but he got up and went back the way he came. Good. Now I could think. And I really needed to think.

First of all, my main concern. Where in the world was I? Now that I looked around I saw I was in a small living room. There was a large tan rug underneath the old blue sofa that I was lying on, and many windows that gave a glimpse of that beautiful blue sky that I loved.

Was I at the boy’s home? It seemed like this could be a home, but after all, the boy was one of them. He was a part of the people who had taken me, and I shouldn’t trust him. Wouldn’t that kind of evil person live in an old abandoned dump, or perhaps he would be too proud of his horrendous prison that he wouldn’t leave it.

I didn’t move as I heard the boy enter the room again, this time carrying a tray of food. This food was much nicer than what he had been bringing me for the past couple of months. There was homemade bread and fresh, steaming tea.

He knelt down and set the tray carefully on my lap. I didn’t touch it, my eyes on him. Why was he being kind to me now? I didn’t understand it. It must be a trick. I decided he was probably trying to get information out of me. Well, it wouldn’t work. I didn’t lay a finger on the tray.

Sighing, he picked up the tea and held it up to my mouth. Now I was afraid. The tea smelled so good, but it must have some sort of poison in it. Would I be able to resist?

"It’s okay," he whispered to me softly, seeing my fear. "It’s perfectly safe, I promise." I still didn’t trust him, but I was wavering. My stomach had gone way past growling, and was now screaming for food.

"Please," he almost begged. "You need to eat something." He held it closer, and I completely gave in. The piping hot tea scorched my throat as I gulped it down, tears spilling down my face as they had every night I had been in prison. But never before in front of the boy.

"Good," he said, looking relieved. "Now eat." I took no time in wasting his advice. I snatched up the delicious looking bread and gobbled it down. He smiled, and tentatively reached his hand out to wipe my tears away. I froze, staring at the hand that was an inch away from my face. The boy paused for a moment, then gently cleared my face of the salty tears.

I stared up at him, wide-eyed. He grinned again, flashing his straight, white teeth that lit up his face.

"I’m Damien, by the way," he told me, picking the empty tray up. "I thought you might want to know, since you’ll probably be wanting to stay here for a while." He chuckled when he saw the disbelief that crossed my face when he suggested that I would actually want to stay here with him. Damien raised his eyebrows. "Unless, of course, you would prefer to go back to the prison."

The End

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