The Escape

Well. Picking me up was nothing compared to the shock I felt of that last little comment. So the boy was not taking me to another checkup. Instead we were going to a place where he thought his ‘bosses’ would not approve of. He seemed very sure of it, actually. But I did not understand. Every heart of the people who took my people was filled with a neverending black nothingness. So the boy must be taking me somewhere vastly unpleasant, to say the least. Why would the others disapprove?

I looked at him, widening my eyes again to portray my surprise. He gave me a small smile, which he probably meant to be reassuring. I did not want reassurance. I wanted answers.

"I want to apologize ahead of time, miss," the boy said to me. "This is not going to be very pleasant."

I gave him my best ‘Well, duh,’ face.

"Er," he stammered, looking almost embarrassed. "Obviously none of this has been very pleasant for you, has it?"

I stared at him flatly, offering no response to what was a really very stupid question. How would he like to be locked in a cage like a dog?

During this whole conversation– well, he was the only one talking, but he was surprisingly good at reading my mind based on the emotions on my face– the boy had been carrying me down a long, dimly lit stone hallway. Now we had come to a huge wooden door that gave no suggestions as to what lay ahead.

Staring down at me, I saw a flash of what looked like real, genuine regret cross the boy’s face. The emotion was false, of course. He was a good liar.

"I am truly sorry for this miss," he said quietly. "Well, for everything, but this especially." Suddenly, he pulled a small black bag that was made of thin cloth material out of his pocket that I immediately knew what was for. As he held it closer to my face, I could see someone had cut a mouth hole through it. How thoughtful.

"Sorry, miss. But you can’t see what’s on the other side. Don’t think Uncle would really appreciate that, especially on top of everything else." Uncle? Hmm....

With one last look of ‘deep remorse’ he slipped the bag over my head, blinding me. At least he adjusted the mouth hole so I could breathe. I noticed the hole was just big enough for me to breathe through, but didn’t allow me to see anything.

I heard the jangle of keys as he reached into his pocket, and felt him shift as he reached his arm across to open the door. He shifted back to let the key drop into his pocket.

It occurred to me, too late, that I could have snatched the key out of his hand and make a break for it. Oh, well. It would have been stupid anyway, as I was too weak and he could and would have overpowered me in an instant, and there were undoubtedly other guards around. Besides, an apparently dysfunctional part of my brain told me that I was strangely curious to see where we were going. If I tried to escape, he surely would have brought me back to my cell, which was the last thing I wanted.

I heard a loud bang from the door and a low oath from the boy as he swung the door noisily open, with his knee, I guessed.

Hmm. I thought absently before blacking out, I wonder where we’re going.

The End

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