My Prince Will Come

Anya is a stubborn, fierce, and brave young girl that has to face many, many, awkward situations.

Imagine if fairytales were actually told the correct way. Hmm, how would they go?

A long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, nonexistent time ago, there lived a nonexistent girl and a nonexistent prince. The mother of the prince, the queen, was wicked and cruel. She loathed the soon-to-be princess. And the prince saves the princess from the queen's evil ways, the queen dies, the prince kisses the princess, they get married and live happily ever after.

But... what happens when they fight? What happens if they want to get a divorce? What happens if a tornado hits and the castles breaks down? And, most importantly, what if they have don't INSURANCE? Holy crap, what are they going to do? Huh? Princes and princesses are just fakes, living the perfect life, with the perfect 'soul mate' and all that mild crap. Poisoning little girls and boys' minds with this nonsense! It should be illegal! It's uncalled for!

I mean, is there an actual fairy godmother that can come and save you for the ball with her magical powers? Is there a parent that actually remains alive? Is there a queen that is actually nice and pleasant to be around?

No. Obviously not. Princesses are those Mary-Sues and the princes, our dear Gary-Stus. Or whatever. They are not loved by everyone, including weird ass animals. They are not always beautiful. I mean they should do a Proactive commericial just to make us feel better. HEADLINE NEWS: PRINCESSES GET ACNE, TOO!

Yeah right. Oh please, like that's every going to happen. Like there's ever going to be that one princess that feels the way I do. I, Princess Anya, am ashamed to be a princess.

The End

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