Chapter 5: Ser

After contemplating Trace’s words Kaya looked from the altar again to Trace. "I’m glad Ser’s happy," she smiled figuring what Trace said meant he had good judgment of who he dated. "After losing people you love it’s hard to rebound back to yourself—mostly when it is so suddenly."

"Yeah," Trace replied. He turned around and sighed in his relieve. If she’d caught his drift he might’ve caused his own downfall—through Ser. "Ser, he does what he can."

"Trace," Kaya called over to Trace, holding a concerned tone without realizing it. "Have you and Ser ever… tried it?" she asked, out of the subject completely.

"Try what?" Trace looked over at Kaya. She cleared her throat, unable to say the word. "You mean have sex?" he figured. She bashfully nodded. A laugh bellowed through him right away. Kaya truly was amusing, as rumor had it. "Ser’s waiting."

"Waiting?" Kaya asked, "You mean, for marriage or something?" It surprised Trace that Kaya didn’t turn back to look for Ser.

After he reflected through the thought Trace replied, "Something like that. It’s more like he’s waiting for the right time. When the feeling is right, stuff like that. You know how romantics are."

"A romantic?" Kaya inquired naively. "What do you mean?"

"You don’t know what romantics are?" With a surprised face Trace thought about the word. It wasn’t hard to figure out when you used the word as a noun. Again, here is where Kaya’s clueless personality kicked in. "People who like romance, does stuff like in romance novels and movies. Like dinner for two, waltzing, walk under the starlight, sex on a bed with silk sheets and incense candles," Trace explained the obvious noun to our little dense Kaya. Mornings never had been good for her—as her head that morning was nice enough not to be in a bed hair, so her brain was in a shambles with words.

"So he likes those stuff?" Kaya asked curiously. "I mean…" Kaya tried to recall the words.

"No," Trace laughed, arms folded to his chest. The girl really was amusing, and our homosexual Trace couldn’t get enough of her. "Ser, he’s more into charming girls—but he’s shy towards everyone."

"Shy?" Kaya gasped at the news. Yes, he is SHY.

"Yep," Trace let out another relieved grin. He was already in a cold sweat—why couldn’t he stop nearly slipping up?

"Everyone says he’s dangerous and hates others," Kaya said with an innocent face.

"People say things when they’re afraid or don’t really know anything—that’s how rumors start," Trace explained to Kaya while walking towards her and the altar. With a sigh Trace stared at the pictures on the altar for a moment. "He’s not those keep-to-myself shy people. He’s more like those guys who get used to you in time. When he meets new people he’s really shy. People who talk to him never wait long enough for an answer. That’s usually because Ser doesn’t know how to answer them. They’re always asking him questions like, ‘what kind of girls are you into’ and ‘did you finish the math homework yesterday? Can I copy off you’? Questions like that make him think and he has to decide an answer. Thing is, people never wait long enough for his answer, because he thinks about it for so long and so seriously. He usually ends up looking like he’s mad at you and wants to kill you. So people stay away from him."

"I see…"

Trace went on to the original topic about Ser waiting for the right moment. "With him it has to be the right person and the right time."

"That means he’s a virgin, right?" Kaya asked.

"I don’t know," Trace chuckled. Kaya jerked at Trace’s immediate answer. How could he not know? Well, Trace did know the answer. He just didn’t want to tell her. "That’s not a question I should answer. Maybe, during the right time, you should ask Ser that."

"So… that means you’re not jealous that we’re friends?" Kaya asked to make sure.

"Of course not," Trace laughed. Trace looked up from Kaya to the hallway as Ser stepped out. He had nothing on besides the towel hung around his waist that covered him. "Ser, you better change quick before I attack you," Trace smiled to Ser wickedly.

"Keep your hands to yourself, Trace," Ser spoke back, eyeing the girl shying away her eyes. "We have guests." He walked into his room at the end of the hallway and closed the door on the two.

"Does he dye his hair?"

"Never," Trace answered immediately. It was a common question. "You didn’t know that was his natural hair color?" Trace looked back to Kaya. She shook her head in answer. "Yeah, I met a Asian girl who was a natural redhead. Some Hmong kids are natural brunettes too," Trace told her with his hands stuck into his baggy jean pockets. "Hey, Kaya. Let met ask you, how many exes do you have?"

Kaya looked down, thinking back on her ex-boyfriends. "Two," she answered in a low voice. Thinking about the no-reason breakups caused her much despair actually. She didn’t understand if it was because of her clueless habit that made them dump her or not. She really put her all into being sharper though. Then after her second heartbreak, Kaya gave up on it all.

"Only two? Wow, you really know how to keep them then, huh? How long were each of them?" Trace asked her, his interest spiked.

"About three months," Kaya answered in her low voice. She turned her face away, staring at the ground in her shame and pain.

"Oh, sorry," Trace apologized. He hadn’t expected someone like Kaya to have such a short relationship. "Do you know why?" Kaya shook her head. With a sigh Trace pulled in and hugged her. "I’m sorry I made you feel so down," he apologized sincerely.

"Didn’t I tell you to keep your hands to yourself?" Ser’s stern voice broke the moment. He stood completely dressed before the two that both jerked away. "Trace… Kaya…" he gazed from one to the other.

Kaya immediately began, "We weren’t doing anything," her eyes down at the floor. Simple dark jeans and a matching checkered collared shirt. Though Ser dressed so simply, her heart was fluttering. This guy can make anything look good.

"Go take a shower," Ser shoved a towel and clothes to her. "They’re mine, wear them to school," he instructed her strictly. Kaya took the items and nodded in silence.

"Why didn’t you get Yer to lend her some clothes? They’re about the same size," Trace asked Ser curiously.

Ser answered back, "Yer went to school early with Mom, her door’s lock. I forgot to tell Yer to lend her some yesterday." Ser turned and watched as Long came out of his own room. He was dressed and ready for school. The boys were all just waiting for Kaya by then. Long sat down with his backpack on the couch, as he did walk to school with Ser—and regretfully the annoying Trace—every morning.

"Morning Long," Trace greeted him. Long merely waved his hand and left it at that. He turned on the TV and commenced to ignore the rest of them.

"Go take a shower," Ser shooed Kaya off. She went to the bathroom for the shower and left the boys alone. "Hey," Ser slapped the back of his hand to Trace’s chest casually, "I’ll be back. Stay here and make sure that idiot doesn’t do something stupid," he pointed to Long. Ser went off into the kitchen before Trace could decline him. Trace sighed in annoyance and sat down beside Long.

The End

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