Chapter 1: Encounter


Kaya Cheng, sophomore of Adridged Senior High, had been leaving school at 6pm--later than she usually did--on a Wednesday. The school was nearly empty, the white halls with their grayed walled lockers were quiet and still. Kaya took a breath of the emptiness. There weren't many days when Kaya could relax peacefully—even in such quietness. She was always disturbed when she wasn't busy, and that disturbance was always the same reoccurring memories that were burnt deep into the hard drive of her brain—and her heart. This happened occasionally as Kaya usually stayed home and watched movies or did chores.

Now, Kaya was walking down toward the Atrium of Adridged High. She was passing through the Arts Hall, where all the art, music, and theater displays were along the west wall and clear huge windows along the east. So in other words, both walls of the Arts Hall were made of glass—one completely of glass cases and displays, the other of complete windows. Kaya recalled as she stared out the windows, that the student-artists were going to paint a kind of see-through mural on the windows. Of course, Kaya stunk at art. She was just an average nobody. No close friends, no real drama. Therefore she didn’t know much more of the plan than that it was art on windows.

Down the hall she approached two boys—after the Arts Hall was the Senior Patio, where seniors ate lunch. The same old long lunch tables were still set out there. Nearing the Senior Patio, Kaya finally noticed one boy with sandy blond hair leaning on one of the tables. Close between him—that is, as Kaya witnessed—another boy completely leaning in towards him.

Immediately Kaya lost grip of her shouldered backpack, her bag sliding down to the white tiled floor in a thump! Her eyes couldn't tear apart as she watched a homosexual couple frolicking before her. Then she heard a shuffle of footsteps and her eyes turned down to the end of the Senior Patio as she forgot about her own weakening knees. At the end of the Senior Pation was the Community Hall. She saw boys running off from seeing the same sight—and though Kaya had been told she was "stupid" and "clueless", she knew what she saw before her. When her eyes turned back to the homosexual couple, of course she jerked. They had stopped their play and turned their eyes from the running boys towards the witness.

"Um... I…" Kaya nervously tried to speak. Now her head was in a rumble. How was she going to explain that she accidentally walked in on them, and hadn't meant to watch? No, she hadn’t meant to stare not watch.

Well, she expected teenage homosexual couples to keep in the shadows—but not exactly in the dark. Shouldn’t all couples keep intimacy private? Why were they doing that in school, even if it was so late already? "I..." she started again. ‘Didn’t they think it’ll feel awkward towards other students?’ Personally she had no problems with homosexuals, it was seeing the action that freaked her out. After all, Kaya turned away when she saw a girl and guy kissing. Was she just repellent of intimacy—or was it her lack of experience that caused her to shy away from witnessing?

"You dropped your bag," the boy who had first initially kissed the sandy blond Asian, advanced towards her. He was handsome—and a near five feet eight. Kaya always felt short when she compared herself to boys, because she could still remember when it was her having to stare down at them instead. The light blond boy with the enchanting blue eyes picked up her backpack, and handed it back to her in a gentlemanly way. He was quite charming, unexpectedly for a homosexual. Of course, she meant the thought in a non-offensive way. It was just that she expected that homosexuals wouldn’t ‘turn on the charm’ towards a girl. Or for that mattered that she could find it so easy to be attracted by a homosexual, being that she knew her own sexuality and gender.

"T-Thanks..." Kaya stuttered her words. She was still disoriented from becoming an unexpected witness to a kiss. It was because of such expressions of affections in the hallways that Kaya always kept looking straight or keep her head down. It was heart pounding and strange to be a witness of a couple’s love and desire.

"Kaya," a stern voice called. It was the sandy blond. When Kaya looked at him she finally realized it was Ser Her! Ser, the guy everyone was afraid to talk to, was unexpected to be the Caucasian’s partner. Were the rumors actually true?

He also had the same third period as she did, Creative Writing. It was because Kaya had failed English her freshmen year that she had to take Creative Writing as her substitute to catch up with her credits. It annoyed her, because of course Kaya couldn’t write a decent story to save her life. Apparently, as her elder sister had put it, she was "too clueless to be in-depth about other characters, or for that matter even grasp the concept of others personality". Well, that had boiled Kaya's rage quite a bit, but it didn't help her none. Kaya still had a D in her Creative Writing class. Yet for some reason Ser was doing great, he was always praised by their teacher, and their teacher Mrs. Lyson always recommended writing programs to him. The boy with the magical storytelling hands.


"Mrs. Lyson’s tutoring you again?" Ser questioned as he strolled over in his smooth and enchanting stride. Both boys were attractive and caused Kaya to blush. Even though she'd promised she wouldn't date another boy again just to get her heart broken, Kaya still couldn't deny the hard fact that she was totally into hot guys.

However, Kaya was shocked that Ser had known their teacher was helping her. "Um... yeah, she is," Kaya nodded dumbfounded. Could it have been that Ser was also being tutored? "How'd you know... Ser?" Of course, the shock of seeing the two blonds kiss still shaken her. It was hard for her not to tremble, both could see that—to their mischievous amusements.

The one that had kissed Ser, he said to her with a charming smile, "You're Kaya? Kaya Cheng?" Kaya nodded slowly. How he knew her was a shock. "I'm Trace Edwards, zoo siab tau ntsib koj," [nice to meet you] Trace greeted her in Hmong. It shocked Kaya. Or more like traumatized her. She'd never heard such fluent Hmong from a non-Hmong before. It was incredible. As if Trace was Hmong! The most frightening thing was, he sounded so Hmong, spoke the tones and vowels and consonants so correctly, it near freaked her out. With a laugh Trace shrugged off her shock. "Everyone has the same reaction when they hear a white boy speak Hmong." Even when he said the word 'Hmong' it sounded like he was saying ‘Hmoob’ [Hmong] instead.

Her only reaction was, "OH MY GOD!"

Trace chuckled in his amusement as Ser looked over his shoulders to the Community Hall. "What are you looking at?" Trace asked when he noticed Ser's observant eyes pausing a moment.

"Nothing," Ser answered as he turned back to Kaya. The look in his golden brown eyes told Trace immediately to watch his words towards Kaya. Even as a clueless-wonder, if she contemplated the sentence hard enough she could understand the hidden meaning. So the silent rumor went anyway. "Kaya, do you have a ride home? You've never stayed this late before. Are you sure you can get home on time?" Ser asked her—unafraid to speak to her, as Trace noted. There was a smile stretched across Trace's face as he found amusement witnessing the shy Ser's immediate conversation towards Kaya.

"I'll be fine," Kaya smiled confidently. Of course, clueless as she was, she didn't think of the possible threats. Striking out a confident peace sign she announced, "Nothing to fear!"

"She's funny, I like her," Trace smiled brightly to Ser.

With a reply Ser said, "Should you be saying such things considering your relationship with a certain somebody?" The look in his eyes, as Kaya took little notice, was a deadly evil-eye look—yet not completely jealousy. Without much thought to it, Kaya excused the observation as the trick of the eye, as the evil-eye look from Ser only lasted a split second.

"Nothing to fear," Trace repeated Kaya's words in exactly the same amount of confidence and clueless attitude. He even held a peace sign up. And if any normal third party could’ve guessed right, Kaya didn't even realize that Trace was partially mocking her.

"Wait for me in the Atrium, got it?" Ser looked Kaya in the eyes directly. She felt stunned to obedience by his gaze. "DON’T leave the school." Kaya could only nod in reply. Ser twisted around and pulled Trace's arm. She watched, dumbfounded, as the two hottest boys she’d ever encountered in reality, walked away speaking in whispers. It was hard to believe that Trace Edwards and Ser Her were an item.

The End

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