My Prince is a Homo !?

Wait! Wait! So, natural blond Asian guy Ser Her is a homosexual, isn't he? So what's with this attraction that Kaya Chang feels? Is she really that useless and dense when it comes to finding the right guy?


How should I start out on this love story? You can say it is an ironic love story, because everything about how it started out is quite comical… in a sense. Hm, what else do I have to say? Well, here’s something else: all stories have a moral don’t they? or at least some kind of lesson learned. I’ll keep that to myself—but let’s see if you’ve learned it by the time this book here is finished.

First, let’s introduce the central individuals of this love story. Of course, I will not tell you who I am—this is a secret that will be kept secret.

Now, to start off let’s begin with our clueless heroine of the story, Kaya Cheng. Our fifteen-year-old sophomore is a—well… a clueless girl. Her grades are usually C-average, and she took no IB classes. Her dating experience--VERY inexperienced. The two ex-boyfriends she’d had in the past both dumped her. Yeah, I said it—they dumped her. Of course, Kaya was crushed by the break up, and she didn’t know why or what she’d done wrong. So she’d stayed even more crushed.

Now of course the hero of this story is Ser Her, a boy of five feet six inches with sandy blond hair and golden brown eyes. Ser was—in simple words—a shy guy. Meeting new people wasn't his forte. When spoken to by others he ended up contemplating his response so seriously, people tended to think he didn't want to answer them at all. While he contemplated his face would seem almost upset, like the guy was ready to swing at someone. That was why everyone steered cleared of this "dark" guy Ser.

His personal life was known only to very few in the school. One of the few was Ser's best friend Trace Edwards. Trace was Caucasian, but he was practically raised by Hmong. Ser and Trace had been neighbors since young, and Trace had started off intrigued with the Hmong culture, language and religion. Then he started learning the tradition and the language, understanding their culture and religion as well. Trace understood Hmong well, and spoke it fluently. However, when Trace moved away from his Hmong-populated neighborhood—and away from Ser—he had to face his reality. Of course the two friends met back up in high school, and it was because of their friendship that they had encountered the clueless-wonder Kaya Cheng.

Now, without further ado allow me to tell my story. The story about a promise—a vow—made under the nightly watch of Fate.

The End

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