My Prince Charming

abt a girl n boy in high school...and to know what happens on..

After a wait for 10 long years the much waited knock was heard. I ran to answer the call with warm drops of saline rushing down my cheeks.I was lost in the huge exam of emotions. The past came rushing into my mind.


I was a freshman in high school when i met 'him'. 'Him' was the word i used until i knew his name. He was my first crush and the last one too. He was good looking and had a  warm smile. He was an A student - superb in maths and science. He was both the star athlete of basketball and baseball. He could also write poems and stories -that's where we were similar. 'He' was one of the most popular boys in class. In other words , he was amazing.

We stumbled against each other during a summer school play. I was cindrella while 'he' played the part of my Prince Charming. Practising the scenes together,laughing at our mistakes and acting out the play on our big night seemed like a fairytale dream. It was one of the best summers of my life.

Later we became the best of friends. Being lab and project partners followed. Often we went out to see movies with his and my friends. Family picnics were not uncommon. Time flew as we became older but not our friendship. It remained as young as it was on the first day that we met. It was soon time for us to leave high school. A tinge of unhappiness filled both hearts. It was a blue day for both of us as we hadn't realized when our friendship had blossomed into innocent love.

"Will you forget me?" , I asked as crimson tears rolled down my rosy cheeks.

"Not even after I die.", he uttered and smiled.

"I promise to return after 10 years. That's when my medical course ends. Till then 'Be Well', 'Stay Well' and 'Dream Well'. " , he said and left me for ten long years.


"The memories of my past is as fresh in my mind as the first dew drops on the new born leaves.", I utterd in an inaudible voice.I ran to the door and opened it with a BANG.

There  he young as ever...

"I'm back.",he said with childhood ecstasy.

We looked at each other's eyes for about an hour -atleast that's what it seemed to us . The first rays of the divine sun fell on us.We walked along the footpath hand-in-hand while seacretly wishing for a happy ending to our love story. 


The End

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