Abandoned on ship

The few days after my gym battle were odd and manic indeed. One day I was excited by news which Pyro told me, which made my mum howl with tears because I was going on an adventure. Pyro agreed he would come with me, collect a whole team, and defeat me one day. As we were waiting for the water taxi, Pyro explains how Team Rocket were nasty villians who have been trying to steal his fathers Fire Stones. When we clambered on board, I could distinctly hear a low howling. A low howling from under my seat. Pyro encouraged me to reach under the seat but I got a mighty wack on my knuckles for my troubles. I reluctantly pulled out the crying culprit: it was a pokemon.

"Cubone" I smiled, after scanning it, "it says there mother dies at birth, maybe this one was lonely and came to the boat for comfort". I wasn't sure but I thought and severely hoped the Cubone was nodding with me. It was a sad past but all Cubone's have it.

"You do know the Fuchsia Gym is a poison-type right?" Pyro hinted. A lightbulb flicked in my head.

"Cubone's a ground-type, ground are strong against poison!" Cubone waved his little bone spear to prove how tough he was. Tough and adorable. I couldn't help but draw out my pokeball. Cubone screamed and hit my on the head with his bone. The pokeball rolled off my lap and Cubone pounced on it, hitting it vigorously. Cubone hit it all over, including the capture button.

"Did that just happen?" Pyro asked, picking up Cubone's staff. Cubone himself was inside my pokeball, captured, as my pokemon. He quickly popped back out and took his staff back, but not before beating Pyro first. Cubone was going to be one good battler.


The End

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