A Rocket Roll Attack

Pyro's new catch landed before him with a mighty thud. I glared back to the two people and thought clearly for a second. One was a man, whilst the other was a woman. Both, however, had jet black hair and wore identical uniforms. Crisp white with a dramatic Red 'R' on the chest.

"For the last time, no!" Blaine roared, fury boiling in him, "I thought you fiends had learnt your lesson, clearly I was wrong!"

"Growlithe, use Ember!" the woman cried, throwing a pokeball. Before the pokemon had even left its capsule, it let out a roaring ember. Not at Munchlax, but at Blaine himself. "Now use Bite on that Munchlax!"

"Squirtle, use Water Gun on Blaine!" I commanded, surprising even me with my knew found courage "and again of Growlithe!" Squirtle saved Blaine and injured the Growlithe. Just like my pokedex had stated, Growlithe was determined, loyal and ready for more.

"Munchlax, use Metronome!" Munchlax waggled its fingers and focused all its energy on Growlithe. I gasped in astonishment as Munchlax fired a Shadow Ball. Growlithe was hit hard.

"Raticate, Quick Attack!" Squirtle was sent flying back into me, "Now use Sucker Punch" Munchlax flew back and crashed to the floor, cracking Blaine's battlefield. I looked around madly for a source of this rampaging rodent. The boy also had a pokeball, one that was open.

"Enough!" he cried "Go! Arcanine!" out of a new pokeball, emerged a mighty beast and the evolved form of Growlithe "See what happens when you nurture pokemon instead of forcing evolution onto them. Use Fire Blast!" Blaine's Arcanine roared aggresively and propelled an ammense jet of fire. Growlithe flew into Raticate, who in turn flew into its trainer. Arcanine was so powerful, in just one move, it sent those fiends and their pokemon blasting off out of the gym.

"So long Team Rocket!" Pyro cheered

The End

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