Munch your way to victory

Eevee struck Magby in the gut. It spit out the sand and fainted to the floor. Eevee had won. Even though Squirtle had had an advantage, Eevee had succedded, where he had failed.

"Well done," Blaine sighed, recalling his Magby "but how will you fare against Ponyta" Out of Blaine's final pokeball emerged a fiery horse, called Ponyta. I ordered Eevee to go under its legs and tackle it. The plan worked well up until Blaine ordered a Flame Wheel attack. Ponyta could resist its own flames, but Eevee was caught in the thick of it, being roasted alive.

"Eevee, Tail Whip your way out!" I commanded. Eevee escaped then followed my orders to put out the fire with a Sand Attack. The sand did nothing, Ponyta just used Ember to burn Eevee further and keep itself alight. One final Flame Wheel mowed Eevee down and rendered her unable to battle. It was all up to Squirtle.

"Bubble, Squirtle" I commanded "Keep it going until Ponyta is put out" Ponyta was blasted by the bubbles, thick, solid bubbles. By the time Flame Wheel was useless, these bubbles were barely bubbles. They were water, which was much more affective.

"Ponyta, Tackle!" Blaine ordered. Squirtle withdrew and Ponyta tripped over the shell. Squirtle jumped back into life and darted towards a stuck Ponyta.

"Squirtle, Water Gun!" my plan worked. Squirtle's bubbles popped to create a jet of water. Even Ponyta's mane and tail were put out. But they quickly flared back thanks to a Flame Wheel. Squirtle Withdrew and just engulfed into the flames. Perfect. "Water Gun!" from inside the wheel, the flames fizzled and died. Ponyta collapsed to the floor

"Finish it with Tackle!" Squirtle charged up and flung the weak horse across the pitch. Ponyta was unable to battle, Squirtle was the winner. What happened next felt unreal, Blaine presented me with the Volcano Badge, Pyro came to greet me and two people in outfits charged into the gym. Blaine and Pyro looked very worried and both prepared for battle.

"Go Munchlax!" Pyro cried, throwing the pokeball I had seen earlier.    

The End

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