Volcanic Showdown

"Don't beat yourself up Pyro" Blaine sighed, comforting his son "you just need to learn more about your surroundings and the world of pokemon"

"Ok" Pyro snapped abruptly, "I'll defeat and catch all the pokemon, then you'll see!" Pyro ran off into the caves and into the darkness. Blaine didn't move. He had a look of aged wisdom in his eye, "I think its time someone tried to win a badge...their first badge if I'm not mistaken!"

Blaine's gym was small and rather dissapointing. It was not until he showed me the actual battlefield that I was astounded.

"In a volcano!" I gasped. Blaine laughed rather manically and showed me to my stance. This was to be a two-on-two battle. I couldn't help but feel lucky that that Glaceon was there.

"As you're a starting trainer, I'll go remotely easy on you. Go Magby!" Blaine roared. His small pokemon was scanned on my pokedex, helping me make up my mind.

"Go Squirtle!" my tiny turtle pokemon landed on the pitch and the match began. I ordered a tackle attack, to get in close. His Magby attempted a dodge but still got hit due to my Squirtle's speed.

"Use Smog!" the toxic fumes poured out of the Magby's beak. Fortunately, Squirtle had learned how to Withdraw during last nights training. The smog barely poisoned Squirtle.

"Bubble!" I ordered. In such a close range, Magby was badly hit. The Magby fled and filled the pitch with a smokescreen attack. I couldn't see if the bubbles were damaging Magby at all. "Use Tail Whip to fan the smoke away!" Magby flew out of the smoke. Blaine was dumbfounded but I was proud. Clearly Squirtle had hit Magby with its tail.

"Smog again!" Magby blasted the toxic air into Squirtles face. As Squirtle was chocking, Magby hit my turtle with ember after ember.

"Use Squirtle later!" a voice shouted. I looked up into the stands to see Pyro, holding a pokeball, "Trust me, my father has much more powerful fire-type pokemon, Squirtle's powers need to be reserved!"

"Squirtle, return", I shouted. Pyro made sense and I could see he knew what to do.

"Go Eevee!" my dog pounced onto the field. Magby charged in with an ember attack, but Eevee dodged and hit back with Tackle. Magby let out a smog attack but Eevee's Sand Attack stopped that in its tracks. In fact it stopped Magby's breathing.

"Eevee, this is just like our battle with Pyro!" I yelled "Finish it with Tackle!"

The End

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