Fighting fire with desire

I gleamed up at the large fiery sign and advanced towards the doors. I was here, the Seafoam Gym.

"Hold it!" someone shouted, as I placed my hands on the doors, "Do you even know what you're doing?" I turned to face a tall boy with ash-blonde spiky hair. He looked very fed up and irritated with me. "Listen kid, have you ever even had a battle"

"No" I sighed, looking down to me shoes

"Then what chance have you got against a gym leader. Blaine is tough, I know. You need to work your way up"

"Fine!" I growled, "I challenge you! To a 1-on-1" Perfectly, on cue, my pokeball popped open and Squirtle jumped out. Squirtle seemed very eager to fight for my pride.

"I'll go easy on a rookie" the boy smiled "Go Vulpix". Out of his pokeball emerged a small red fox. I scanned my pokedex and discovered I had an advantage. Vulpix was a fire type.

"Squirtle, Bubble!" Squirtle fired out the bubbles but Vulpix elegantly dodged. Squirtle fired off another round of bubbles, but on his command Vulpix's let out a mighty roar firing back the bubbles and sending Squirtle back into his pokeball.

"Eevee" I gasped. My new baby pokemon was on the pitch, battling for the first time. I was determined to let its first battle be a success.

"Its important to use your pokemons moves strategically, you can't fire moves out willy-nilly. Speaking of fire, Vulpix use Ember!"

"Dodge, Eevee!" Our training had come in handy, Eevee dodged the attack and then launched into a tackle attack. It was a direct hit. However, my success was shortlived as Eevee was then attacked by an Ember. I commanded a Tackle, whilst Vulpix attacked with Quick Attack. The two canines met head on and I could see Vulpix's fire brewing in its belly. I could also see Eevee batting about the sand with its paw. It could easily flick about the sand

"Vulpix, Ember!"

"Eevee, Sand Attack!" The flames shot out but were stopped by the sand. I commanded the second, blinding and chocking Vulpix.

"Finish it off with Tackle!" Eevee put all her effort into the big finish and sent the fire fox flying across the pitch. Eevee was the winner.

"We won!" I cheered over someones clapping. It wasn't my opponent. I turned around to see Blaine, the Seafoam Island Gym Leader. He was clapping, applauding me.

"Well done, well done" he congratulated before turning to my opponent "you son have still got a lot to learn"

"Sorry dad"  


The End

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