The Rookie's Rival

The cave was incredibly dark but any light was heavily illuminated from the hanging crystals of ice. It was beautiful and creepy. Golbat and its pre-evolved form Zubat kept flying overhead. Invisible assassins hunting under the cloak of darkness. A bite from one of them would spell serious problems.

"Glace-Glaceon" the pokemon cried again, it sounded in such pain. I encouraged Squirtle and we raced forward, trying not to slip on the ice or get bitten by bat pokemon. Squirtle pointed a stubby finger towards a whimpering figure laying on a floating ice drift. Squirtle jumped in and spoke to the injured pokemon. I watched with a mighty wave of pride as my Squirtle, my pokemon pushed the ice drift towards the shore. I scanned my pokedex as Squirtle comforted the light blue dog.

"Glaceon, the fresh snow pokemon, and the evolved form of Eevee. This pokemon can lower the temperature of its surroundings, giving it frozen fur and make a diamond-dust flurry"

I looked up as Glaceon begin to cry again. Glaceon had cuts and bruises but nothing to keep it wailing at random intervals like this. I was dumbfounded until Squirtle pointing towards its tail. Just below it was a white dome coming out of Glaceon. Glaceon was having an egg.

We rushed Glaceon to the Pokemon Centre. The egg was born in the clean, safe pokemon centre rather than alone in a cave. Nurse Joy told me someone had come looking for a lost Glaceon, after telling said person my story he wished to meet me.

"You're the boy who saved my Glaceon!" he beamed, "Niall?"

"Yeah, its Niall" I replied, slightly embarressed by all this attention. "and your name?"

"Charlie" I looked over to Glaceon who slid over to its trainers side, with a baby Eevee in its mouth.

"Niall, me and Glaceon would like you to have this Eevee" I crouched down and Glaceon dropped the puppy in my hands. It was so small and cute. It licked my face with curiosity and attachment. I could almost sense it wanted to go with me 

"I've gotta get going Niall" Charlie sighed as I drew out one of my pokeballs, "Maybe we'll see each other during the Indigo Plateau. I've just got my fourth Badge"

Charlie showed off his Volcano Badge as he sent out his Lapras. His majestic pokemon dived into the sea, and Charlie hopped on. Then he left with his Glaceon to get a fifth badge. I had some catching up to do.

"Blaine!" I cried, pointing toward the gym "You're going down"  

The End

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