Seafoam is where the start is

Professor Oak and Blue said goodbye after I was geared up. Five more pokeballs and a pokedex that could even record new pokemon introduced via breeding. A long time ago, Kanto only had 151 different pokemon, know it has a lot more. Just not many in my home town, the Seafoam Islands.

I lived on the quiet island where nothing happened. All the excitement occured on my islands twin. That was the home of Blaine and his gym. He was a feiry, hot-head quiz master. He was to be my first challenge, and a tough one at that. I would have to catch another pokemon if I was ever to defeat him.

"Here I am....Seafoam Cave" I gulped, it was ever so intimidating and dark. With a bang and a flash, my Squirtle popped out of its pokeball. It could sense I was nervous, but it was just as determined as I was.

"GOL-GOL-GOLBAT!" a hyper voice screeched as I stepped forward one place. I flinched in fear but Squirtle leapt forward, ready for battle.

"Squirtle, use Bubble!" a mouthful of bubbles rocketted out of Squirtle's mouth and hit the illuminated pair of eyes. The cave was so dark, all we could see was its eyes. It shreiked again, louder this time. Wings began to flap, claws began to scratch and pokemon began to take flight. "Squirtle, Bubble again" I screamed, the pokemon attacked and Squirtle kept them at a standstill. "Now, use Tail Whip" any pokemon that got too close were struck by Squirtle's tail. The pokemon fell to the floor and I saw just how ugly it was. I scanned my pokedex and discovered it was a Golbat. I made a mental note to avoid them.

"Glace-Glaceon" a sweet voice cried, it sounded weak and injured. The pokemon sounded like it needed me, needed me bad.

"Keep up your bubble, Squirtle" I commanded, "We're going in!"


The End

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