My pokemon adventure

Refer to title. If still unsure you're an idiot

I sat on the cold beach, my toes barely daring to venture into the cold water. I looked up and smiled. Heading towards me was a large brown shell with two cannons exploding out of the top. The shell was so big, perched upon it was Professor Oak, the Kanto regions professor. He was stood holding onto another person with spiky light hair. My jaw almost reached the sea in shock upon realisation. It was the Veridian City Gym leader, Blue. He was once the champion of the whole of Kanto. My dream. I looked down at my reflection in the clear sea. I was somewhat like Blue. We were both tall with fair hair, his was far more wild whilst mine was far more fringe. I was inspired.

"You know what you want to be don't you, Niall" I asked my reflection rhetorically "You want to be the very best, like no-one ever was. To catch them is your real test and to train them is your cause. We're gonna travel across the land, searching far and wide, for pokemon, to understand  the power that's inside"

I stood up and faced towards me hero and idol. Professor Oak waved as did Blue. "I've gotta catch them all, I know its my destiny in a world I must defend. When I get my pokemon, he'll teach me and I'll teach him. I gotta catch them all!"

"Blastoise!" the shell roared as it crashed onto the land. Blue and Oak got off and the shell revealed itself to be a pokemon, Blastoise. Blue returned the Blastoise to his pokeball and introduced himself. The fact that Blue had a Blastoise made my mind up. I knew which starter pokemon I wanted.

"Here they go, Niall, choose wisely!" Oak threw the three pokeballs in the air. With a mighty pop and a flash of light, the three pokemon popped out and sat before me.

"Bulbasaur....Charmander.....Squirtle! The three starter pokemon!" I looked up at Blue who winked back.

"I choose Squirtle," the Tiny Turtle Pokemon jumped in my arms. I squeezed him tight. I finally had a pokemon, my very own pokemon, Squirtle.

The End

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