My Place in This World

Someday--maybe soon, I'll reach my full potential

Somewhere in this world is my place.  A confortable, yet giving place where I belong.  When I close my eyes, I invision myself painting a new world with a sword and paper--recreating life the way I dreamt it to be.  I'll fall so deep into narritive that I actually believe it's real--even go as far as to live the plots and scenes out loud.  Someday...It will live.  I feel only the fret of running out of paper--hear only waves of my thoughts.  I'll swim to the nearest city and build a ship to set sail limitless possiblities.  Nothing is impossible, irrational, or untouchable.  I'll write my own checks and sign my name.  The wisdom for my story derive from fact and the idea to write swirls carelessly around in thin air.  I'll paint the world a distinctive color.  Blue!  Orange!  No--green!  Yes--green.  Where I belong.  I won't get shunned aside and pinned by bullies or picked last in basketball.  I'll never have to stand in line to recieve a ticket for the biggest show of them all.  Like in the movies--the hero get's the girl--I'll be free-dancing around madly.  I'll create buildings and blow them to shreds.  Take breathe away and give new meanings to death.  The way I invision is solemnly the way I dreamt it will be.

The End

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