my crumbled world

What happened when my world crumbled into pieces?My story, my tale,my struggles. What if you found out that the place you live in isn't where you belong, the place you call home isn't your home? Should you shout, scream, cry or do nothing and let the wind take you with it. The story of struggles and cruelty of this world.

Riana Hastings was a very unusual child. Born with intelligence and beauty yet was always afraid of left behind afraid of being stepped on afraid of being called a loser. Her interests, her likings she matched them with her surroundings not revealing her true feelings to anyone. She had a habit of lying to get out of a bad situation and she had gotten quite good at it. Keeping all her feelings locked inside no matter how much she wanted to cry she wouldn't cry only a smile could be seen on her face. All she ever wanted was to reach up to the expectations of the people surrounding her. For a fifteen year old she was considered a talented and amazing person by others.

It was march 2014 , finals were approaching. Riana had nothing to worry about she could get excellent marks without trying that hard.She had a lot of friends but no best friend. She was the youngest child and had two older brothers and two older sisters.She wasn't particularly close to any of them. Her family was a middle classed one. So she couldn't have everything she wanted but she was happy with what she had and worked hard for what she didn't.She used to come home from school with her friends. She had gotten quite popular at her school.Every student knew her , the teachers praised her everything seemed perfect. But this world is cruel it doesn't let anyone be happy for too long.

One day Riana was one her way back home when she saw a ver expensive black car parked in front of her house. It was strange as no one she or her family knew owned such a car nor could they. She rushed inside. She reached her hand to the front door . If only she had known if only she hadn't opened that door and had instead ran away somewhere that wouldn't have happened. But maybe it was already too late by then. You see you can't change your fate no matter how much you try you are always bound. And only after you find just how powerless you are do you realize that this is a cruel world

The End

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