My Piece of Heaven , My Piece of China

a thought, a moment, a present feeling of life a new

It's the 28th of October 2013, 10:30am, and I’m flying into Changchun, Jilin, China.

As we prepared for our descent, I had a feeling of confusion. “ It’s so grey, what am I doing here?"

 I remember thinking, "but Lord this is where you want me to be.  This is my next destination for growth, healing and transformation; not only of my mind and body but of my soul as well!"


I put on the only warmish, long sleeve, forest green turtleneck that Helena, my friend from Russia, had given me and stepped into the embrace of the chilled breeze, the new freshness and aromatic aromas of this seemingly  barren and faded Chinese landscape.


Finally I met the welcoming committee from my now present school; I was greeted with warmth and familiarity, it gave me hope. Instantly gone were my worries and fears. Sucre, who was part of the welcoming committee, greeted me with a smile from ear to ear, a chirpy voice, gleaming eyes and powerful sunshine shining  from within!




China, OH! My China......

How does it come to be

That I love you so......


Your streets are filthy

my emotions everywhere

but spirit and hope

never in despair


With Willows Wondering Wild

so my heart flies

Welcomed by Waves of Warmth

ready to take me on the most Amazing ride





This is exactly what China does to me! IT BLOWS MY MIND!

It's one thing to talk about China in a foreign country and another thing to be here, to be a part of it all, to be united!

I have never in my life been in a place where I feel such unity, so much free love and hope!

For the first time in my life I can say; " I'm just being me".


For China is a land of Luck and Blessings

Fruitful and Abundantly Prosperous

strength with simplicity

wisdom taught by every flame


burnt for ancestors and those to honor

respecting those who are mourned

for through their life we have learned

to use what is best  and earned


So much  generosity around every corner

with the laugh of being a foreigner

Laway  is what You call us

and we just love a ride on Your bus


elbows flying

bags in your face

you dare trying

to stop their embrace


but I invite you to open arms

a  "Ni Hao!" and  a smile

for  this is my heart

ready to be loved




I especially enjoy the bus rides in Changchun.

Always filled with gleaming eyes and faces of a thousand and one expressions.

What a rush it is, to try and get on or off a bus.... If you can't beat them......... (well, you know how that ends).

It still amazes me how the elderly will offer their seats to young healthy children who are still growing, strong  and more than capable to endure the bus ride to any destination.

That is humility right there, with no doubt about the respect that is shown in return.

 I do believe a story should bring both parties to the table, proper communication with direct honesty concerning social facts and behavior,  the mind of the Chinese people and their up-bringing.

So let us not try to change this, but be the example we want to see.



Having faith in the bigger picture for China, makes me excited. There is so much hidden potential here,

 scattered and unappreciated..... Like so many other things among people. 

I will never be able to truly express my life in China, it is something to be self discovered.

 All of us here have learned and have grown and been transformed.

We have gained skill, knowledge, wisdom and character, in more than one way.

Here we are presented with a life self- lived, self-found, self-judged , respected and loved.



The transformation from winter into spring was breathtaking,  my earth shifting from death to eternal life.

People crawling out everywhere like an ants nest; beautiful people, dancing, singing and breathing together.

What a sight of walking into the park and being surrounded by talent and culture and history and life to the fullest!



Rollerblades and horse rides

paddle boats and butterflies

how peaceful it is to be in your calmness

My Nanhu


tofu and dumpling

 what delicious things


what does China have in store for us next

maybe a live TIREX

that would be a the ultimate

there is nothing here to really hate


side by side we will be stacked

like sardines being racked

together as one we will exist

never to be crossed off Gods list



I don't think I have ever felt God so present in my life as here in China. Me coming here was my first big step of faith, all my trust was in Him, I chose Him this time and His blessing are in abundance far beyond what we are able to fathom.

I know religion is one thing everyone always retreats from, why?

At the end of the day, we all need something to believe in, and how we choose to believe, has been granted to us by free will. We are not indifferent. I am a believer in the greater good, Jesus is my rabbi.....

Who you choose to follow is your choice.

China is definitely the place to come and find your way and to raise your true voice.



if you want to be, you should let everything be,

if you can't change it, accept it or forget about it and move on.

Love without limit and have no expectation of each other,

for what is given will be received and what is lived will be carried on.


Let us not judge one another

or point a finger

let us not destroy bridges

and valuable bonds  that could linger


United we can stand and be a nation

no division, no race, no plunder

just letting each other be

to be free

The End

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