My Past

An older youth bends to help another stand back up, and I catch his face. He is me, and so is the younger, fallen one. Is this an image for the future or the past, or is it a personal wish? As I grew up, I never had someone to look up to, a friend to hold my hand. The elder turns towards my shadow, and smiles at me, then he and the younger walk slowly away from me, hand in hand. They fade of into the mist and other memories blur into the fog.

Tears, too many tears. And most of them mine. Why? Where is my place in life? Where was I meant to be? Ah, as the years may drift by seamlessly, where shall I find my home? Lost in time, ever lost in time... and ever ageless.
       I moved, to keep my secret. Drifted round the globe. A name here, a shadow there, drifting on and on... and without a place to stay.
       I'm still looking.

The End

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