My Own Monster: Prologue

Just something I had been meaning to write about, but never seemed to get around too. I have so much time on my hands so I came back to my idea of writing this sort of 'other life' if I may. My character is my other part of me. She sort of started off as this happy go lucky sort of girl, but then I realized I didn't want to write about some perfect girl. So I sort of built her off of me, when I was going through my depressed stage of life. Enjoy.

     "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I cried loudly. "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"

     I was alone, scared, and hurt, badly. My stomach spilled my blood as the gash got wider as I tried desperately to get away. I legs screamed from all the running I've done. Tears fell from my dark blue eyes. My voice was hoarse from the yelling.  "GO AWAY!" I sobbed.

     I heard a chuckle from behind me.     

     I lurched forward, trying to get away. Above me, the buildings of the city loomed. It was too late in the night for someone to run to my aid. The only thing awake was the thing chasing me.     

     My own monster.     

     The thing I created.     

     I stumbled out of the thin alley way and quickly ran left, to the river.    

     "GO AWAY!" I cried as it lashed out to me again, making new slashes along my back. I felt moisture drip to the pavement. My head went unfocused for a moment from the blood loss, but my body quickly healed itself of the minor scratch, but the one along my stomach was far from being healed.     

     The thing roared.     

     My body shook from the force of the scream. I raised my hand behind me and shot a bolt of energy blindly at it. It shot from my hand and hit the monster in the arm. It bounced right off it. I ran to the bridge, the only thing ahead of me. My hair blew in the wind as I pumped my legs harder, making my sides burn.    

     As I ran to the bridge a thought ran through my head. The one thing that would make this monster stop chasing me, would stop it from hurting anyone else.  


     Clutching my side, I threw myself over the railing and landed on the other side, the edge barely 3 inches wide. The monster stopped suddenly, fascinated at this change of plan. I stared down at the dark waters of the river. Crashing and flowing softly. The waters called out to me, urging me to do something I had to do. Blood spilled from me with no end.    

     "I just want it to stop." I rasped quietly. Behind me, the monster leered at my bleeding back.    

     And I jumped.



The End

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