Story 3

Rebekah will you go and find your sister?”

Her mom asked her. Rebekah and her two parents where at the market waiting to get there weekly food rations from the government, every family getting food rations was one of the government's new ways to make everything equal and save the planet. In reality it was just another way for the government to take control. Ever since president Lewis got elected things have gone from bad to worse. America is no longer a free country and the American dream has become a nightmare.

Rebekah's parents had let her older sister go to the store to buy something well they where here but it was time to go and she still hadn't returned. “Of course mom” Rebekah said eager to be free for a little while.

please be quick” her father told her “and try to stay out of trouble”

Of course dad” she said turning and dashing away.

The two sisters walked back to the market laughing and enjoying a carefree summer day as if it was back when they where younger.

what did you buy?” Rebekah asked trying to get the small package out of her sisters hand.

I'll show you when I show everyone else” her sister said pulling her hand away. Rebekah was about to tackle her trying to get the package from her when a group of four young men walked into the small side road they where on. When the sisters saw them they both stopped their joking and tried to get out onto the main street as fast as they could.

well if it isn't my favorite trouble maker.” one of the young men said stepping out of the group. He walked over to the pair and the rest of the boys followed close behind him.

what do you want” Rebekah said.

me and my boys want to have a nice talk with your sister her so run along now” the lead boy started to pat Rebekah on the head but she grabbed his wrist before her could.

what make's you think you can command me to leave?” Rebekah asked defiantly.

Rebekah please” her sister interrupted before the boy could respond. Rebekah sighed and walked out into the main road and grabbed medium sized piece of metal piping that had been thrown in the street and ran around to the other side of the alley so she could get at the boys with out them seeing her. She lunged at the group and was able to hit two of the boys across the face and send them to the floor and get a few good smacks on the main boy before the forth boy grabbed her from behind. One of the other boys that had gotten a lighter blow then the first stood to his feet and helped the boy hold her. “your going to regret that” the main boy said wiping blood from his eye. “Hold her steady boys” he said to the two boys holding her and then proceeded to lay multiple blows to her midsection doubling her over. When they heard people coming they threw her to the ground and kicked her a few more times before they ran away. All Rebekah could remember as she slipped into blissful unconsciousness was that she couldn't feel the pain any more and they her sister was crying.

The End

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