Story 2

One day while I was on the road I meet a girl. She was beautiful, her eyes sparkled with an intelligent and mischievous glint, they where eyes that could find beauty in anything and that saw everything around her. She walked with a regal and powerful stride. We traveled together for five days and on the sixth everything changed. It was still early in the morning and we where already on the road making small take as we went when she stopped to look at a strange clearing of trees as if looking for something. She started to walk into the woods and look for something on the ground with more and more urgency, suddenly she took of into the woods I tried to follow her but she was gone before I could. I went back to the road and made up my mind to wait for her until the next morning and then I would leave. When the sun reached it's peak in the sky marking mid-day she returned altho she was different then when she had disappeared into the woods. The light had gone from her eyes and the face that had looked toward the heavens now looked towards the dirt. Her regal stride had been turned into a condemned mans final walk. She didn't speak to me until later that night and as we where sitting around the campfire she told me in a broken voice of what she had seen “The orcs have been destroying this forest slowly and my village sent me to find the fairy's of the forest who live in a magic grotto where all of the trees dance, the village elder told me to find the enchanted road that only the pure of heart can see but if the foundation stone is removed from the fairy kingdom then the road will disappear.” she pulled her knees up to her chest “I couldn't find the road so I knew something must have been wrong … I was right when I got there the sight shocked me … the stones that housed the fairy's had been ripped up and the life stone, the stone that held all of the fairy's magic was gone and with it the fairy's. All that was left was the keystone that holds all of the humans magic which was buried deep in the heart of the fairy kingdom. I have to stay here and remove the keystone which will be a daunting task.” after she finished her story she thanked me for all of my help, gathered her things and went off into the woods. I never saw her again after that day.  

The End

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