Story 1

A collection of random one chapter story's that sometimes start in the middle but have a pretty good ending.

It was winter when I returned to my home after seven long years of traveling. Don't get me wrong I loved most of it and I would rather be back in the forest then face what lies ahead, My family, how do you tell someone you left them for so long just because you were bored of the normal American dream and wanted to live a better one. I walked as someone condemned. Keeping my face hidden in my hood so that anyone that might recognize me couldn't see my face. I ignored the eyes I could feel watching me where ever I went. I couldn't blame every one for watching me after all it's not every day that you see a girl walking through town whose wearing deer skin clothes and whose skin is dirty and tanned from working outside for most if the day. Rain started to fall from the dark sky and I pulled my hood further down over my face. Only a few more blocks and I would be back to the place I had called home for part of my life. My real home was miles away. I stopped at 16th street the street I grew up on it was mostly the same except there where fewer trees which reminded me why I left in the first place, I wanted to run away from this place and go back to my forest but I knew that I had to face my family, I had to return to the real world. I walked up on the porch of the green house that was second in on the block and knocked on the front door.

The End

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