My now and later syndrome of going to collegeMature

My now and later syndrome of going to college

Going to college is one of the best experiences that I have had in my lifetime. The hard work and dedication keeps me focused and ready to take on any challenge, too bad I didn’t feel this way the first time that I got into college. The first time that I ever went to college all I could even focus on was the college guy dream, which was how many sorority girls I would meet, and how many keg parties I could go to without falling asleep in class.

Before I even thought about joining the navy I went to Century College. The campus was like a city of its own. There were lots of shops and restaurants nearby. I saw college students suck down coffee as if it was the cure for AIDS.  What did I do? I joined the revolution. Why not suck down coffee like a tired, mindless zombie.

Coffee was the least of my worries though. I hated school, and I would do anything and everything to get myself out of class. First, I found out that there was a game room in the west campus of the school. What did that mean? Halo and Guitar Hero all day long, and if I had a class in between my game-time, fuck it. Class wasn’t important to me, hanging with friends was. The second thing that I did was to make my classes more enjoyable I picked bullshit classes that you had to be a total dumbass not to pass. Softball 101!! That was a great class. They didn’t have baseball so I figured that it was close enough.

The last thing that I did was join the Black Student Association. It was a great program and I had lots of fun being in it. The weird thing about me being in the BSA was that I had to actually do work, which I didn’t want to do in school. Another weird thing was that I ran for vice president of the BSA and actually won. When my friend gave me the news that I won my exact response was, “fuck no! Are you fucking serious?”  I was so excited.

I literally ran through the halls with cut up slips of paper with my number on it. I gave them out to every girl I thought was cute and said “Hi, I’m Nick Preston, vice president of the BSA and here is my card, call me” Some of the women thought it was hilarious and wanted to know more, some were turned off and just walked away. I didn’t give a shit though, after all, I was the “Vice President” if you didn’t think I was funny you could just kiss my skinny backside.

After all of my joking around with my status within the BSA, I later got down to serious business. I made myself known around campus both as a professional and a hardcore party guy.  People respected my decisions. I was finally going places. That chain reaction sent me into professional mode.

Professional mode is the program my brain is currently working in. back then I used to do things that were stupid and crazy. But as of now, I’m on the right track. First, I don’t party as hard as I used to. I still party, but I know my limit. Instead of going to a party and staying all night and drinking tons of liquor, I only stay for an hour or two while drinking just a beer or two. The second thing that I changed was my laziness. I currently take classes that have actual meaning to them, and unlike softball 101 where the class was all play and no work, the classes I take now are loads of work but can also be fun at times. The last thing that I changed was my level of professionalism. I would always be a responsible person first and a party animal last. No more crazy nights and procrastination. All there is now is sleepy nights and crazy dreams of my future.

The End

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