This is Nothing But a Bad dream

I awoke screaming. I looked to Jake, who still slept soundly, the heavy sleeper he is.

It was just a nightmare, I thought to myself. But the scariest types of nightmares are always the ones that can come true...and probably will. Victor last words when I walked out of his house still ring in my head,

Mark my words Gabriella. ANY man that I see you happy with will die. If I can't be happy, then neither will you.

When I left him I thought it was just a false threat in attempt to make me feel guilty.

It wasn't.

I once dated this kind blonde surfer from San Diego named Ian. He had beautiful blue eyes. But then he was mysteriously killed on his way home to visit his ill mother. No one knew what happened to him...except for me.

Then there was Adam. He was planning to be a scientist of some sort.

But someone shot him while he was sleeping right beside him.

It makes me feel like the Grim Reaper. Every man I meet eventually dies. After awhile I stopped dating just to keep everyone safe....until I met Jake.

We were friends at first, but I secretly loved him. He made my heart sing...but I knew for his own sake I shouldn't date him. So I kept my intense feelings for him hidden....until he admitted to loving me. Then things got tricky.

I tried running away from him, warning him that it was for his own good. "Whatever is for my own good that involves staying away from you, I won't follow." He said to my statement.

So now we're engaged and I have nightmares almost every night of getting the one man that I have loved the most: Jake.

The End

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