First Sightings - RubyMature

Sitting on that bench I began to watch the traffic, all the cars in Beverly Hills were expensive and a few roared as the large engines were pushed to their limits. It had been eight hours since I’d tried to get into my house and I wondered whether they’d be back now, I saw a car which looked like Fathers and watched as it came closer.

It stopped at the lights in front of me, inside was mom, dad and a hairy tramp. I blinked, they hadn’t seen me, suddenly the tramp looked up and grinned at me, I narrowed my eyes and watched as the car pulled away. Becky had been wrong, one year my ass, more like one day. My parents had just brought home a disgusting, long haired, animal-like brother. I couldn’t believe they had taken no time to replace me, with such a lowlife scum bag tramp. I stood up, part of me wanted to run as far away as I could, the other part, the more dominant part, yearned to go and see what he was like. I had always wanted an older brother, but he would probably ignore me or tease me or something. I was subconsciously pleased it was a boy, if I had had a new sister she’d want to borrow my clothes and makeup. I stood up, curiosity got the better of me, off I went.

The End

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