Journey - JackMature

The couple came back in, “Sorry this is such short notice,” the man said,

“Tell them about yourself,” Paul said,

“We live in Beverly Hills,  we have one daughter called Ruby, she’s exactly two months younger than you, Harry owns a business and I write novels, mainly from home,” the woman said,

“Molly is a very good writer,” Paul said, she blushed and took Harry’s hand,

“Would you like to come and live with us for a while?” she asked.
I had nowhere to go. No one to miss me. No money. No friends. Nothing. And when you have nothing, what is there to lose?

“Sure, why not?” I smiled,

“The nurse said we can go now, if you want that is,” Molly said,

“I’m ready,” I said shifting off the bed,

“We can swing by your house and pick up anything you want,” Harry explained as I put on my shoes,

“No, there’s no need, there’s nothing in that house that I want to keep,” I said thinking of my potato sack and mattress.

“In that case, let’s cross the boarder into California, you’re going to love it,” Molly smiled kindly, I was helped by Paul and the four of us walked out of the hospital and into their large English Range Rover.

“We’ll be home in about four hours,”

The End

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