Unwanted Visitors - RubyMature

I had spent hours down the beach, climbing back up the cliff path I decided to hit the shops, I had no money but window shopping was always fun. I checked my hair in a window and smiled as it looked fine; it was long, blonde and had loose ringlets down to my elbows. I was five foot eight and almost six foot with my heels on, I strolled down the street smiling at people I recognised.

“Hey Ruby,” said a voice from behind, I turned to see Ben standing there,

“Hi.” I breathed, he looked at me,

“Where have you been? You wore those clothes yesterday,”

“I stayed over a Becky’s for your information, I had an argument with my parents,”

“Ruby Beaumont running away from home? I thought I’d never see the day,” he grinned,

“Shut up,”

“Sorry. If you need some place to stay, my doors are always open,”

“No thanks Ben, see you in school,” with that I turned away. Ben was a senior in high school, one grade older than me, he was a flirt and at times nice but after our relationship ended two months ago he’d been on my tail begging to forgive him. He’d cheated on me with another girl, I wasn’t one to forgive and forget that easy, I sat on a bench, shops behind me and the sea in front, just a road to stop the view from being perfection.

The End

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