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“You Mrs Hogan?” said an unfamiliar voice. My head was becoming light and I knew I needed to put something on the cut or I’d fall unconscious.

“Yes, what of it?” I heard my mom reply, I reached for a pillow and pressed it against my head,

“May I come in?”


“Let me in.”

“Fine, fine! It’s not the pizza dude, it’s a cop!” my mom called,

“What is a cop doing here?” I heard my dad yell from the kitchen,

“May I speak to Jack?”

“He’s… not in,” my dad lied going into the hall.

“Very well, I’ll wait here until he return, where is he?”

“He’s on a school trip to Europe,” my mom lied,

“Oh yer? Which country?” the policewoman wasn’t taking it,

“Errr, Eygpt,”

“That’s in Africa.” Said the policewoman, “Jack!” she yelled,

“He’s not in. What part of your thick brain doesn’t get that?” my dad challenged,

“I can see that you are very drunk sir, please get your hands off me or I’ll arrest you for assaulting me,”

“Just get out my house,”

“I need Jack,”

“Is he in trouble?” mom asked,

“Not in the slightest,” she replied, “Jack?” I groaned a loud pitiful groan, “What was that?” she asked coming in. “Oh dear God,” she cried, she knelt at my side and got out her radio,

“Could you call an ambulance Dave and then get in here?” she said,

“Sure,” came the fuzzy reply. Everything was blurring,

“Can you hear me Jack?” she asked, I didn’t reply as my mind went black.

The End

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