My Refuge - RubyMature

“Hi, is Becky there?” I asked, Mrs Turner, she smiled and let me in,

“Hello Ruby, didn’t expect you see you here at this time of night,” she said glancing at her watch,

“It’s urgent,” I cried,

“She’s in her room,” she smiled and I ran up the stairs into my best friends bedroom.

“Hey!” she cried putting down her hairbrush, “it’s late, what brings you here?”

“My parents,” I cried wiping away a tear, “can I stay with you tonight?” I asked, she smiled and stuck her head out the door,

“Mom! Ruby’s staying with us tonight!” she called and closed the door, “Tell me everything,” she said smiling,

“They, my parents want to adopt.” I said flatly,

“For real?” she asked sitting on the edge of her double bed and pulling me down next to her,

“It’s like they want to replace me,” I cried,

“You’re irreplaceable,” she stroked my shoulder, “they think the world of you, you’re parents that is. Maybe it’s a good idea,” she said, I glared at her, “And plus your house is like a fricking mansion.”

“They want to get someone my age. This person is going to want to follow me, hang round with me at school, be my friend,”

“That could be sorta cool,” Becky said,

“No, it would suck.” I disagreed,

“Girl or boy?”

“I didn’t stay long enough to find out,” Becky climbed into bed and threw me a spare pair of PJs; I got changed and crawled in next to her.

“Sorry I’ve got a cheerleading competition tomorrow, and I’m so tired.”

“No no, it’s fine, sleep,” I forced a smile.

“If it’s any consolation, most adoptions fall through; it will be a good year before anything happens,”

I was able to sleep with that thought on my mind.

The End

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