My Nightmare's Reality - RubyMature

When you have nothing, what have you got to lose?

The day my parents sat me down and told me their sardonic stupid scheme was the same day I decided I wanted to disown my parents. I sat down on the plush leather sofa and looked at my parents opposite me, hand in hand they smiled as my Father spoke,
“Ruby darling we love you very much but we think it’s time we made our home welcome to another family member,”

“Are we getting a dog?” I asked, I had been allergic for years,

“No darling,” Mother smiled, “We’re going to adopt.” My heart sped up, then stuttered and then stopped. They were going to adopt? They were going to replace me with a brand spanking new kid.

“When?” I asked more calmly than I imagined I could at this point in time,

“As soon as we can,” mom replied,

“Why?” I asked tears in my eyes,

“Our home is big enough for a family of ten; there are only three of us. What we can offer to a poor misguided teen will be beneficial in everyway,”

“Teen?” I spat, I was imagining a tiny screaming baby, but oh no, they really were trying to replace me. Another teenager in the house, being treated exactly like me, although my parents would probably give this parentless kid more attention because they felt sorry for it.

“We didn’t want to go through the whole diaper stage again,” my Father smiled,

“How old?” I checked,

“Your age or older,”

“You know they’re going to smoke, do drugs, drink and never tell you where they are, they’ll run away, steal stuff…” I tried to explain,

“Stop being so stereotypical Ruby,” Father snapped in his voice which told me not to fight back,

“I can’t believe this, my life is ruined!” I cried,

“Don’t make a scene Ruby,” he growled,

“I’m not!” I shouted standing up, “I can’t believe you’re going to go through with this when you know how much I am against the idea, I’m going to make their life hell!”

“Now now Ruby,” Mother said in her quiet scolding voice,

“I’m going to Becky’s and if I’m not back later, don’t come calling for me!” I screamed and stormed out the house.

The End

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